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ISCSPress is an author and publishers service bureau. We perform all the functions of a publisher on an a la carte basis. Our associates have written, edited, designed and promoted hundreds of books over the past few years. Our services include:

  • Editorial
    • Developmental Editor - assistance in developing the concept
    • Ghost writer - able to develop and finish a concept
    • Copyeditor - checking the grammar and spelling, MS prep.
  • Production
    • Book design - inside and out
    • Printer brokerage - conventional and POD
    • Warehousing and fulfillment
  • Marketing
    • Pitches to editors, publishers and authors agents
    • Place press releases with : Literary Publicity
    • Marketing campaigns to book stores and unconventional outlets
    • Place Reviews - Blurbs, Books in print, Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, regional & national newspapers, syndicates & blogs
    • Author and project publicity & promotion - book signing tours
    • Web site development - author and project
    • Book club promotion
  • Subsidized Publishing - for authors wishing to self publish for greater returns
    • Editorial
    • Production
    • Sales and Marketing